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Welcome to Agile BI projects and Small Businesses !

A New Generation of Business Intelligence

A New Generation of Intelligent Windows & Web Applications

Ultra Light, Ultra Simple, Full Responsive
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A Solution that makes Applications & Business Intelligence Real


About MS4BI

Introducing the new generation of BI:
Simple, Agile and Full Responsive!

  • Faster and easier development: 75% productivity gains!
  • Full Responsive
  • Dashboard, Charts, Reporting, Queries, SQL, Web Application, Ms4script®:
  • 8 Chart libraries and Advanced forms: Unique optimised source code (Ms4script®) reduces development times,regardless of graphical library
  • Excel Consolidation
  • Analytics Solutions
  • Intelligence Application: Multiplatform Windows, local & Web Server & Cloud
    Our Ms4script® language (lowcode) integrates with other languages available on the market:javascript, html, css, ajax, php..
  • Real-time budget forecasts
  • Strong customisation features for your future Web applications
  • Cloud : Free account

MS4BI Cloud

  • Free account
  • Upload/Download pages code ms4script,php,js,..
Ms4bi Cloud

MS4 Designer tools

  • Web Application editor: No coding
  • Ms4script editor
  • Database manager

MS4BI Demos, Ms4script

Mandragore Planete
15 rue des Halles
75001 PARIS FR
T: (+33) 1 76 46 09 83
New branches opening soon in Bordeaux FRANCE,
Montreal CANADA,
San Franscisco USA
CMAP 39 av. Franklin D. Roosevelt
75008 PARIS FR
T: (+33) 1 44 95 11 47